The Swell


The Swell is made up fo 5 teenagers from north county S.D. This upbeat number titled "Wait" began with Ella's inspiring songwriting energy. When Zoey began to sing harmony, the song came to life. Add some bouncy bass lines, a solid drum groove and that was it!

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Red Hand

Red Handed

Six artists creating original songs that honor  the legends of rock. Here is their debut original title RED HANDED..brimming with all the heart and soul that their generation demands.

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Amy Hartman and the Hawaiian Hula Girls

Skater girls

Amy Hartman and The Hawaiian Hula Girls are a group of talented young ladies in North County San Diego who like to sing, play music and skate.

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Willie Chambers

Rainbows out my window

Willie Chambers is a San Diego  songwriter, who wrote this song with for his daughter Ella. Willie and Ella love to cruise around their beach town making up songs together. This special rainbows song was recorded at Rios Records for little beach babies everywhere to enjoy.

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